Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mediacom users??

Hey -- I hear that Mediacom users might be a bit disappointed this BOWL SEASON.  Especially if you live in Iowa.  Mediacom is not going to show the Iowa nor the Iowa State bowl games this year. 


So -- if you are thinking of switching to anything other than Mediacom... We think you should switch to DirecTV.  Ü  BECAUSE...

Right now when you activate DIRECTV(R) service, with the CHOICE(TM) package or higher, we'll both get $100 in bill credits, and you'll get one of DIRECTV's best offers ever.

OUR ACCOUNT # is 17353232

Here is how it works...
We refer you our friends to DIRECTV and give you our DIRECTV account number. 17353232

We will receive $100 in bill credits for each friend who activates DIRECTV service.

You our friends also receive $100 in bill credits.

Woo Hoo!!  Sounds like a great deal to me.  LOL  And you?  Ü