Monday, January 25, 2010

H.H.E. Field Trip to Fire Department

After our trip to the Knoxville Police Station we walked across the street as a group and took a tour of the Knoxville City Fire & Rescue Department. 

We got to meet a paramedic and she explained some of her uniform and how the volunteer system works.  They carry pagers around with them and they have certain tones for certain volunteers.  She opened up an ambulance and let the kids wander through it and ask questions.

A fireman explained his uniform to the kids as he put it on.  There was good discussion about fires and fire safety and plans for what to do if there is a fire at your house.  We came home that night and discussed again what our family would do and where we would meet if there were a fire here.  I love field trips, they usually trigger great conversation later.

Once they get the uniform on it's very different looking.  For short people it could be scary.  The oxygen tank makes lots of noise and beeps. So this fire fighter got down on their level and they pretended what to do if there were in a burning house and they saw a fire man. I had Wayne and Danielle go up and touch him.  You are to go TOWARD the fire fight, not under your bed and AWAY from the firefighter.  In the fire station is a great place to become familiar with a fire fighter.  Lets just hope we never have to meet one in our own home.

They got to climb in on and around a fire truck as well. 

I think Tori even looks interested... maybe. 

Thank you Knoxville Fire & Rescue Department for the great field trip!