Sunday, January 10, 2010

Knoxville Wrestling Club Tournament

Mansel wrestled today.

First match was over before I could get my camera ready.  Mansel sure is good at getting pinned fast.

2nd match -- Mansel was pinned again. This time he cried.  I told him to "turn up his man dial".  LOL  Then later I found out he got beat by an 80 pound 8th grader.  WHAT? Manse is only a 4th grader... that other guy was a runt... that's not fair.  LOL  So -- anyway.  It was fair... probably not fair of me to scold Mansel for crying. 

Match #3.  MANSEL WON!!!  (the other team forfeited that weight).  Well -- a win is a win!!

Match #4!!!  MANSEL WON FOR REAL!!  Here is the proof.

Mansel at Knoxville Tourney from Jennifer J. on Vimeo.

Long day -- but worth it after that one.  I'm a horrible video person.  I'd starve before I could make any money taking video.  LOL  Oh well -- we enjoyed watching Mansel wrestle today.  Thanks to the Knoxville Wrestling Club for giving him the chance to wrestle.