Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tori Plays the Piano

Tori playing offetory Sunday PM 11/01/09 from Jennifer J. on Vimeo.

Hey MOM!!! Look what your grand-daughter can do. Ü

I'm so proud of her... she doesn't really like playing the piano. Since she is home schooled (but not a home school-ER), I'm counting this as her music... she'll be playing for a long, long time. She might as well get used to it.

Can you tell that she is bare footed? She's crazy... she didn't want her shoes making noise as she walked up to the piano during prayer. LOL It's a short offertory -- but not many people give money on Sunday nights, I guess. She plays 2 songs, I asked her to play slowly... she can really fly through these songs, but I didn't want her to get super nervous and play too fast. She played nice and slowly.

Pretty good for her first every offertory!! Great job Tori!