Friday, November 13, 2009

Mrs. Sullivan and her 5 sons

Have you heard of the story of Mrs. Sullivan and her 5 sons?  All her boys were on the ship Juneau.  She heard a rumor that her boys were all killed.  You can read the story here.   

There are songs written about this story, and movies made too. I think I'll netflix that movie.  

While were at the memorial service Wednesday someone read Mrs. Sullivan's letter and the presidents response to her

On the way home I talked with the kids about Mrs. Sullivan and why there is now a law that states that all boys of one family can no longer serve in the military. Isn't that interesting?

Well -- if you followed any of the links to the bottom of the pages.. in the small fine print it says... Reference to a "Sullivan Act" in connection with family members serving in the same ship/unit is a popular misconception. The Sullivan Law of 29 May 1911 is a New York State Law dealing with firearms. Although proposed after the death of the five Sullivan Brothers, no "Sullivan Act" was ever enacted by Congress related to family members serving together. Similarly, no President has ever issued any executive order forbidding assignment of family members to the same ship/unit.

WAIT... say it ain't so.  

I left a comment on his blog saying, "Too bad there wasn't as around when I had my Iowa history handed down to me."  

So -- I went and check snopes.  Good news... there IS TO such a law a rule rather... not really a law... perhaps I should re-word that.  Snopes says, you are except from military service of your siblings or your parents have died in military service.  You do not have to be a sole remaining son, it applies to all remaining sons in the qualified families.  BUT -- this exemption is not in effect during wartime.  Um... that sort of negates the benefits of this rule.

So -- do some reading.  This is an interesting subject. Don't you think?