Saturday, November 14, 2009

Knoxville Public Library

Can I say... that our small town KNOXVILLE PUBLIC LIBRARY is really fairly decent??

It is!!

I often read blogs.  I have a cousin who recommends good books on her blog... she lives in a big city.  Well - really more often then not our little library has the books she is recommending.  Like Three Cups of Tea, they have it.  Zookeeper's Wife, it's there. 

And NOW -- on my favorite message board ever, someone recommends Wednesday Letters.  I have not read it -- BUT I SOON WILL BE -- because it's on hold for me at the Knoxville Public Library.  How COOL IS THAT!!??!!  Speaking of being on hold.  Did you know you can go to their web-site... find a book, place it on hold, they will find it for you, call you and you can come pick it up after you check it out.  AND... if you are a slow reader... or life starts going in fast forward and you haven't even read the books you checked out two weeks ago, you can RE-NEW them on-line.  There should be no reason for library fines.  LOL  I keep telling myself that as I pay my library fines.  I'm a loon. It's a fantastic service, if you ask me.
Thank you Roslin Thompson, Director, and all your fellow booky friends at the Knoxville Public Library... you are doing a great job!  Keep up the good work.

Come on Knoxville Friends -- give them a friendly shout out!  °Ü°  Let's hear it for the K.P.L.!