Wednesday, November 11, 2009

2009 Veterans Day in Knoxville

The Knoxville Community and Senior Center hosted a Veterans Day service at 10:30 a.m. today. I decided that since we hadn't ever done anything to observe Veterans Day in the past... today would be a good day to start. I'm glad I did.  I hope it will be a visual that my kiddos will remember for years to come.

The program consisted of the Knoxville High School Chamber Choir performing, as well as readings by Cheryl Theil and Annie Leonard from The Next Chapter. The KHS Choir sang 3 songs, 2 of which I sang with my choir in COLLEGE! That was fun to hear. I remembered them pretty well. Annie Leonard read the letter Mrs. Sullivan wrote to the president when she heard the rumor that her 5 sons were killed war. As well as the reply written to Mrs. Sullivan by Franklin D. Roosevelt.

There were four veterans who went on the recent Honor Flights to Washington D.C. that discussed their trips.  One of the veterans we know from church.  Mr. De Zwarte said he hasn't had so much honor for being a veteran then since he went on a trip to Washington DC to visit the WWII memorial.  Hy-Vee and Casey's have sent veterans to the memorial this past year on their honor flights.  There were photographs to look at when the service was over. 

Members from the American Legion and VFW also presented taps at the end of the event.  I did ok through this whole service until I witnessed the old veterans crying.  That did me in. 

Refreshments and cookies were provided and they were delicious!  

Thank You American Veterans.  We give you honor today for your service and your sacrifice.

Mr. De Zwarte said this, "I wouldn't give up my experience in the war for a million dollars, but I wouldn't take a million dollars to do it again."  (I'm paraphrasing). War shaped their character, I'm sure.