Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fresh Hair Cut and Color


I took a self portrait before I went to Exsalonce Image Design today.  Long, just washed and rinsed... not styled at all.

This is at home after Leann worked her magic.  Fresh cut and 2 colors.  Highlighted and a temporary color called cinnamon.  Yummy.  Ü

I can hardly wait to straighten it... I've worn it curly for the last several week... due to root growthage.  LOL  If you have curly hair, apparently the roots aren't as obvious.  At least that is what I've been telling myself.  Today -- NO ROOTS!  Yippee...

I knew that a cut and color takes a while -- so I stopped at the library to pick up my newest read, Wednesday Letters,  before I went. Leann said she heard it was a good book.  I heard is was sad.  So glad I didn't cry at the salon.   Oh I had FUN!  I got to sit and be pampered, Leann brought me an ice tea, while reading a good book undisturbed for a long long time. Now I should be good for another 8 weeks.