Friday, November 6, 2009

Beth and I Agree

My friend Beth and I were discussing candles.  I was at her house making some PUMPKIN dessert.  Oh my heavens... I said, "They should make a candle that smells like this -- this smells delicious!!"  I think I lingered my nose a bit too long over my can of pumpkin pie mix, because she gave me sort of an odd look.  LOL  Oh my... it was yummy smelling!!

She said, "Well -- don't waste your time or money on this candle.  I had a coupon for it and it's horrible.  It doesn't even smell."

I said, "Oh YEAH... I had a coupon for a candle thing that has a holder and you put a little wax thing in it and it melts.. it doesn't smell at ALL."

I went over and looked at what she was pointing and and they were the exact same thing I had bought... just had a different holder.

They are the GLAD Scented Oil Candles.  Even though you get a good coupon for it -- don't be tempted.  You can't smell them at all.  Crazy!!

Just f.y.i.  Beth and I agree on this one.  °Ü°