Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Are you thinking I can't spell, or my space bar isn't working??  Well -- you'd be partially right, but actually goalforit is the name of a new website that I found Wednesday.

I was struggling with my chore plan again.  

We did home made chore packs... until they get lost tossed.  Who do these kids think I am?  Mommy doofus?  When I find chore packs under MY bed... I know they aren't lost.  LOL  I didn't put them there. And I know I put more than 1 chore in each pack... pulling all the chores out of the pack doesn't mean you only have to do 1 thing a day.  So I printed up a chart to put up on the wall.  TONS of chores and TONS of kids makes for a chart that is hard to read.  Dan was continually saying, "Who does this?"  I'd continually reply, "Read the chart."  He'd continually retort, "Your stink'in chart is too hard to read, so who does this?"  

So -- the other day I googled kids chores.  I found goalforit.  Looks pretty neat.  I've made a chart for Tori so far.  

Some of the neat things are.. they have pre-made chores already with pictures... that way if your kiddos can't read... they can still do their chores.  BUT -- if you have weird chores like feed crickets to the iguana then you can add your own chores to the chart.  

Of course I love this -- I love charts.  It's clickable.  You can add an AMOUNT of Moolah earned to the chore if you want.  I think I'm going to do this.I've never given my kids an allowance before.  Do I get an allowance for breathing?  No.  Do I get an allowance for laundry, or cooking, or vacuuming, or dressing myself? No.  I recently discovered that some of my kids are competitive, and they LOVE earning things.  They'll memorize stuff to earn stuff.  They will do things to "earn" things.  I think I'll use that to my advantage and give them MOOLAH for clicking the button on their chore charts.   I'm going to make the amounts small... and then start collecting things they can buy from me.  I've never done this before.  I think I'll even add things to the store like socks and underwear.  But also fun things like iTunes cards and candy.  If no one ever buys the socks and underwear, I'll give it to them for their birthday.  No money wasted there.

I thought at first we'd have to have the computer on the whole day long in order to use this -- but there is a way to print the charts off.  They print off 1 weeks at a time.  I think I'll make it someones chore to print off the chore sheets on Saturday night.  This is a beta version of Goal For It... that usually means they are still tweaking the system... I'm going to ask them to let me print the chores off in B&W.  Color is pretty, until you have TONS of chores and TONS of kids... then it's just expensive.

I'm not done making my charts yet -- so we haven't started this at this juncture.  I've got 5 kids to make charts for, and to coordinate the delicate balance of who loads and who unloads the dish washer every night.  The dipsy daisy dance of who fed the dog last and who can get the lid off of the dog food with out help, and who always ignores the animals because that chore is so hard, thus the cats are ravenous and they streak into my kitchen and eat my favorite dip off the counter while I'm not watching.  grrr...

You can be my friend and encourage me in this process if you want.  As you might guess, there are 6 pages of Jennifer's... but I'm the one who starts their name with a ~*~ instead of a J.  Top of the list!! Be my friend!!  I want to steal your ideas walk this journey with you.  °Ü°