Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mom's Notebook

I'm starting a challenge from the t-tapp forum, and someone mentioned their "notebook".  Ohh... I have a notebook -- buried, lost, perhaps shredded.

I accidently came across it on Saturday.  What in the WORLD?  The very day I was asking someone else about their notebook, I find mine??

Is that providence?
Let's change the subject.  How about them HAWKS!!  Wasn't that a great game Saturday?  

OK -- no really... do you have a notebook?

I do... unused, obviously.  I did use it this spring... pre-soccer, then mis-placed it.  I really was looking for it all during soccer season, because it had in there when I was supposed to bring treats.  I had to keep asking the other mom's... "Is it my turn next week?"  I'm a doofus.

Well I'm jumping back on the notebook bandwagon.

I've got dividers...different sections.

  • Bible reading and prayer stuff.
  • T-Tapp (just today.. I updated it today)  °Ü° Nutrition stuff here too.
  • Child training... OK -- now I have no excuse... MUST do obedience bootcamp with them.
  • Housekeeping

THAT's right!!  Housekeeping... 

This is just perfect timing, because I'm re-doing the chore lists for the kiddos.  I'm going to use the goalforit, as I blogged about earlier, for their chores.  I'm working on the store. I'm working on divying up the chores.  I'm working on it... just haven't arrived yet.  I'll do a reveal later.  I'm working on it... really.

Anyway... the housekeeping and the chores sort of tie together.  I found in my old notebook my BOOTCAMP FOR LOUSY HOUSEKEEPERS by Drill Srgt. Heidi Schaap.  She calls herself that... not me.  She's got a blog... it's pretty.  She has a GREAT system all written out for keeping your house decent and in order.  If I would just follow it!  So I'm going to start over again... here I go Heidi.  Oh... look -- she's on facebook too.  

I'm going to put all my stuff to do on my google calendar.  I have several google calendars set up.  I did my menu on a google calendar this month.  AWESOME!  Dan liked one of the new new things I tried this month... so I went to the calendar and chose to repeat that meal every 4 weeks.  Next month I have 1 less meal to figure out.  I'm so excited about that.... but that was a bit of a rabbit trail, wasn't it?  

I have a calendar for medical appointments.  One for sports schedules.  Another one for our music, such as piano lessons and when we sing or play at church.  Each calendar shows up as a different color on ONE calendar.  It's so cool!  Google calendar -- it will now tell me when to dust the book shelves, and wash the curtains and clean off the top of the fridge. I think I'll make this calendar PINK.   If I follow the schedule she thought up, follow her rules, play her game -- I should not have to worry about if my house is clean or not when company comes by.  So guess what that means... YOU SHOULD COME BY!!  I can't wait to see you.