Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday, 2013 Colorado Trip

Today was a biking day. 

Grandma and Grandpa borrowed two more bikes, thus ending up with enough bikes for all the kids and grandpa to ride bikes today.  They took a 6 mile trip to a park. Grandpa rode a bycicle built for two with Wayne.   Grandma and I then met them at the park and we had a picnic lunch. 

While at the park we played a little catch with a baseball.  Mansel, Wayne and Grandpa took turns hitting the ball and some of us chased and chased the ball around. 

They rode back toward home, and on the way stopped to swim in the Big Thompson river. 

I headed home and read some more.  What a relaxing day for me. 

We went to church tonight and ate supper with them at church.  Shepherd's pie.  I wonder which shepherd it belongs to?  It was delicious.

Church was good for me.  I plan to memorize James with my kid at home and in my Sunday School class this school year.  Well - my teacher talked about James tonight.  That was a blessing.

Church was good for the three youngest as well.  I had asked the kids this morning to serve someone today, but not tell anyone about it.  Tonight in their class, they learned about serving others using their individual talents.  In their class they made encouragement cards. 

After church was popcicle time.  Yum. . .

Tomorrow - hiking.  :)