Sunday, July 14, 2013

2013 Colorado Visit, Day 1

The kids and I are going to visot my parents, and siater Karen in Colorado this week.

We left home this morning.  Early. :)  I am so proud of the kids.  A lot of them helped me around the house -getting reasy to go.  I plan on having the carpets cleaned while we are gone, so the carpets needed vacuumed, and some furniture moved. 

It seems to be a tradition to stop at the windmill rest stop on our way out of Iowa, on interstate 80W. So just a short time of being on the road - we stopped to see the big windmill blade.  It extends the length of a fotball field.  Huge.

Around lunch time - we stopped to fill up with gas and ate a picnic lunch.  We had yummy York Peppermint Patty pieces.  Yummy.  I think trips are fun, because we take along fun snack food. 

While I was napping we took a detour.  But that's ok.  It didn't delay us much.  My confused tone sounded like yelling to the driver - so I apologized.  We came into Loveland from a new direction, and that turned out ok.  We saw new stuff. 

We had pizza for supper.  I realy like eating fod I don't cook.  It was delicious.  After supper we sat outdoors and enjoyed this beautiful Colorado weather!! 

Now I am pooped. 

I am going to try to continue our electronic free entertainment kick I am on, dragging along the kiddos kicking and screaming.  And Grandpa is setting up our schedule.  I don't think we have any free time while we are here.  So if I don't call you, or message you, or reply to texts right away - I might be out and about and electronic free.  :)