Saturday, July 20, 2013

Friday - our last day here, 2013 Colorado trip

Today we set off towards Trap Lake.  When we head up into the mountians, I ride in the back cargo area of the suburban.  If we were in a car, would I end up in the trunk?  I don't know.  I don't like to get car sick.  If I sleep through the trip, tha seems to help.  So I missed seeing where the mud had recently been scrapped off of the road, due to a mud slide.  Mud slides are often a result after a fire.  Nothing holding that dirt in place.

So - we arrived at Trap lake and had to walk a long way to the fishing spot.  I wish I could show you photos of this amazing place.  One side of rhe lake buts riggt up to the side of a mountian, and the side of the mountian is full of stones.  Large, small and everything in between.  I believe it is the end result of a glacier.  Pushing southward, then stopping to rest on the side of this mountian, melting, leaving a hole, filling with water and leaving all these stones behind.  I may be wrong., but it makes for a good story.  It also makes for a difficult trip to ones fishing spot.  I had charged the batteries for the good camera.  They were still in Lovelamd, plugged into the wall.  I had left the tablet home to lighten the load.

Well the rocks were Tough travel. You will just have to believe me.   BUT worth it if you are doing the fishing.  6 fishers - getting their limit in around 3 hours.  Tori got the biggest.  A 2 pound trout.  Mansel caught the first.  Grandpa caught the last.  Milo caught the most at one time. . . Reeling in two fish at one time. 

Watch facebook for photos.  I have a few on my phone. 

We had a picnic lunch.  We headed to the vehicle a few at a time.  The speedy ones leave the others to straggle along.  Once again the slow ones got to see the fun stuff.  I heard a sound, turned to see if it were Grandpa - or a cow - LOL.  It was a moose.  Big as a horse, no antlers.  So don't ask for any more specifics.  I've got nothing for you.  Wayne was right behind me so I whispered, "Wayne. There is a moose."  We stood and watched it amble out of the woods, towards Aunt Karen.  Ha!!  We both pointed at it - so she kept on walking until she was no longer in it's path. And she stood by us and we watched it walk across the clearing into the woods on the other side. How exciting.  Wayne was thrilled.  It was neat to see. 

On the way home, we once again stopped at a shop.  Picked up some trinkets.  Utilized their clean flush toilets.  Oh happy day!!

Of course we ate trout for supper.  Tori cooked hers over an open fire and ate it all.  What fun.  The reat of us ate ours grilled. 

After supper Aunt Karen took us to a super neat ice cream place.  Chill, in Loveland, CO.  They use liquid nitro to freeze the ice cream - made to order. Delicious.

Then we packed our gear - getting ready for an early departure tomorrow.

I am refreshed. 

Respite - that is what this trip was all about.  Good conversation.  Helped me solidify some of my opinions.  Helped me see more clearly how our actions are shaping the children.  I have a tough job ahead of me, and appreciate all prayers said for me!!