Friday, July 19, 2013

Thursday, 2013 Colorado Trip

Oops - I forgot to blog before I went to bed. Now I am awake at 2:30 a.m.  I'll blog now. 

We hiked up to Alberta Falls in Estes Park.

God's creation is beautiful.  It was a short hike.  We could do it in just a few hours.  We hiked up to the falls - one mile, which included some down hill hiking.  Then we hiked back, taking a different route, which included more down hill places.  I hope I don't lose my toe nails.  How long does that take to happen? 

Karen and I got to see a ptormiga.  It is a bird, about the size of a free range chicken.  We saw several, actually.  One mom with a few chicks.  We would spot these when we would see people photographing them.  I doubt I would have found any of them on my own, as they are not easy to spot.  They blend right in with the background. 

On the way back down from the falls, Aunt Karen pointed out to the kiddos where the youth group from her church used to stop and wade in the river and climb on rocks.  Wading in a river in Colorado  is similar to wading in a creek in Iowa.  Except it is much, much colder.  Tori mentioned it was like an ice bath after running in track. 

When we got to the vehicle - we saw lightening and decided to try to find a sheltered place for lunch.  We didn't really find one.  We stopped at two stores for the kids to shop at.  An Indian store.  The Indians happen to be manaquins who set on a bench on the porch.  The other was a Dam Store.  Not a typo.  One t-shirt for sale said, the store that allows children to cuss and not get in trouble.  I never saw the dam - but I bought 2 shirts there.  My mom mentioned to the kids that I sure wear a lot of Knoxcille Panther gear.  LOL So I added 2 Colorado shirts to the mix. 

While we were shopping it dropped 15 degrees, I bet.  I made sandwiches in the back of the suburban.  We ate in the vehicle in shifts while some were still shopping.

It was nap time for me when we arrived back to home base in Loveland.

Tori wanted to shop more, so she and Milo took off armed with the GPS.

After nap time, THEN I was ready for a Ticket To Ride game!!  I love that game.  Mansel, Danielle and I played.  (I won) 

Supper of hot dogs was delicious! 

The boys got haircuts or trims - then we retired.  What a fun filled day!!  :)

Fishing on Friday.