Monday, July 15, 2013


Today I started the day by reading my bible outside.  They are having great weather here.
The grands took us to Chilson something or other.  It is like our Recreation Center in Knoxville, only 50 times bigger.   I played Pig in the water with Grandpa and the kids.  Grandpa lost.  Surprisingly enough - I kept getting lucky.  I bet he kept getting water in his eyes.   ;)  My mother can swim like a fish b.t.w.  I swam laps - only they were like 1/2 of what she was swimming, for 30 minutes.  If even that.  She swam for over an hour. 

Then we went to Kohls.  Dani couldn't find one shoe before we left.  So we thought we would buy her some new tennis shoes.  When I looked down at her feet - her current flip flops were too small.  Good thing she left her tennis shoes behind.  We got her size 3 shoes.  That would have been uncomfortable hiking in too small shoes. 

Then to Walmart. 

Then home for lunch.

Then Karen took some of us to a thrift store.  I got 3 books.  Surprise.  LOL. But - one of the most fun things of the day?  We went to Esh's.  Oh my goodness.  They sell groceries that are expired or damaged.  I bought the same exact brand of grapes before we left for $.99/ lb at Walmart.  They were on sale.  But at Esh's.  $.59/lb.  WOW!  I got a fun sort of k-cup.  The kids bought gum!!  :)  What a hilarious store.  My parents bought 4,751 boxes of cereal for this week.  CHEAP at Esh's.  (only a slight exageration). 

What a fun day.  While out and about - we found some statues to pose by. 

Home for grilled chicken for supper.  Once again outside.  It is beautiful here.  Did I mention that yet?  Absolutely beautiful. 

They kids are playing with Grandma's fiddle that we got her for Christmas from the Cracker Barrell.  That thing is hilarious.

Mansel has started rading Mr. Phill Robertson's book.  I hope he hurries up with it.  I want to read it too. 

And last, but not least, when ever we get a chance - someone is squeezing in a few hits of ping pong.