Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tuesday, 2013 CO Trip

This day started out early.  One and 1/2 hour drive to the fishing spot.  So we leave at 7:00. 

Found e85 fuel on the way up there.  $2.50/gallon.  Boy howdy!!  I figured up the gas mileage, and I think it is 21mpg.  That's fair.  Pretty good for an old Suburban.  I am going to stick with e85. 

We fished - I say we liberally, as I actually did no fishing - we fished for 9 hours. 

Dowdy lake has a pretty cool path around it.  We walked and walked and walked.  I would stop and rest, wait, I mean I would stop and take pictures along the way.  I took the old SLR with me, instead of the tablet.  So the photos are on the SD card.  Use your imagination today.  LOL. The kids climbed on some really big rocks today. 

On the drive home we saw where we had passed the fire the year before.  So here is a 2012 picture of smoke from that fire.  Now the grass has grown back, but the trees are still standing and burned black up around Red Feather Lakes. 

Grandma took us out for supper on the way home. 

The men cleaned the fish, I started a load of laundry and am now flirting with sleep.

Oh - I really had a good time.  I got to read a children's book called the Old Iron Horse.   Can you guess what it was about? 


That's right - the original steam engines.  It mention crossing the Chariton River.  I wonder if there is more then one Chariton river? 

I worked on my tan today. More crazy tan lines to add to my collection. 

Tomorrow - a bike ride.