Friday, December 21, 2012

Snow Day

Tori had her first "snow day" yesterday.

The public schools were having a snow day - so I declared one at our house too.  The kiddos were thrilled, until I showed them the list.  LOL  They could have free time after the list.

It wasn't bad... each kid had a project.  They got them done in a hurry - ran out to play in the snow, and the wind blew them back indoors after not too long.

So they spent their "snow day" playing games and watching TV.

I got laundry folded, and caught up.  Baked bread that fell, and froze some cinnamon rolls.  I'm not sure what happened there... we'll see how those rolls end up.  They are for Christmas morning.  Dish washer was unloaded, then filled.  Only to needing to be filled again before the day was over.  :)  Why does that job seem so endless?  I mailed a box, and made some lunch.  I didn't get to the den book shelves, which have been written down on lists for so long, and never gets done.  Some day - I should write it down first, then STOP... so it will get done.

Today - another snow day for the public school system... but I want to end up this school week on an even note. (I don't want to start a fresh week after Christmas Vacation in the middle of a week).  So we are going to finish our week today... and start vacation tomorrow!!

Tori told her dad she had her first snow day in 17 years.  Dan said he'd never had a snow day.  Really? Wow... I remember snow days when I was a kid.  Maybe he lived in the south.