Friday, June 1, 2012

Things my Children Want to do in Colorado

Grandma and Grandpa - hey there...

My kids are going to Colorado while I'm in Punta Cana in June.  We are leaving our house June 10th. Dan's birthday. * OK?  We'll get there sometime that evening.  I'll have my phone turned on - try to call you and give you a heads up.

I fly out Monday morning from Denver.  Do you want to drive me, and then keep my Suburban - so you all can fit when you drive some where?

I'll be flying home Saturday the 16th, then we'll leave for Iowa, Sunday the 17th.  Father's Day.

So - you asked about breakfast and activity ideas...

Wayne:  he likes toast and cereal for breakfast.
You know that game with the poles and the colored balls with ropes on them?  You throw them and try to twist them around the bar?  I want to play that game with you.  Oh and croquet too.  Wayne might bring his frisbee, if he remembers.

Danielle: pancakes - she wants to help you make them.
She would love to go swimming with you grandma.

Milo: cereal - and he likes grandpa's fried eggs.
Ride bikes.. he really wants to bring his bike - I'm not sure if we have room.  He's just remembering riding bikes on your road, and would be happy with that!  :)

Mansel: (I keep forgetting to ask Tori and Mansel)

I'm only sending these to you because you asked - not because they expect these things.  Remember my moto, "This is NOT a restaurant".  :)  If you want - they know how to take naps too.  I'm a big time napper.  LOL  They would watch TV 24 hours a day, if you let them.

Grandpa - you should make them weed a row in your garden for every day they are there.  We aren't doing any gardening this summer... so they need to be reminded how to work hard.

Aunt Karen - they are looking forward to seeing you too!!  I almost wish I could stay in CO instead of flying off to never never land.  Almost.  :)

I have noticed that when I'm talking with my children about "what to do" they common theme is to BE with YOU!  :)   I'm so happy for that... just do what ever it is that you do, and enjoy them... and they will enjoy you.

* We are going to celebrate his birthday with our church care group on the 9th, so he won't feel neglected.