Wednesday, December 26, 2012


In college - I was a rebel, and I got my ear lobe pierced.  One ear... the left one.  I wore a gold hoop for a time.

Then I matured.... or something.  Oh I know - I joined the military, and taking my one earring in and out was annoying... I think I lost my gold hoop.

So - for 20 years I have worn nothing... just a hole.

Yesterday I stuck an earring back in the hole.  It worked.

SO - today... I got another hole.  In the other earlobe.  Now... I am an earring wearer again... only in a more normal fashion.  I can't wait to get 2 gold hoops.  :)  I'm matured.

6 weeks... I'm wearing itty bitty silver balls for now... the least ugly thing available for under $20 at Walmart.

You know what's hard?  Trying to explain to the walmart lady that I only want my right ear pierced - to match my left ear.  Please.  But we finally understood each other.