Monday, May 28, 2012


Is that a word?

In stead of camping, or tenting, we went sleep out on the Trampoline.

First time - me and the girls.

GREAT nights sleep.  It was warm - no bugs.  I feel asleep - woke up EARLY morning - it was still dark... started to feel a little damp - so I covered up and went back asleep.  Wonderful nights sleep.

Second time - me and two boys.

Wow - what a difference.  Wayne, Milo and Me.  Milo didn't want Wayne touching him, so he would scooch over by me, facing Wayne... so if Wayne scooted toward him, he'd push him away, and get closer to me.  It was a funny dance... I started moving up instead of over - so I would be pushed off the trampoline.

Then I must have taken too long of a nap on Sunday afternoon - because I didn't sleep well at all.  But I did hear some interesting noises.  It sounded like something splashed in the pool.  I wonder if the cat fell in... I haven't looked yet... hopefully it was getting OUT when I heard it and not falling in.

I hear some rustling in the timber - and so did Otis - the dog.  He growled... the rusting stopped.

I heard an owl - several times....

THEn I saw lightening... that was the last straw.  I woke the boys up and we walked back inside.  one good thing about Trampolining... if you wet the bed - there are no sheets to change... just let it rain.  And it did - so I was glad for the lightening alarm clock.  :)

We finished off the night here in the living room.  I drew the short straw and got to sleep on the short chair with the foot stool pushed up against it.  But that's ok - today is a holiday, I'll just take another nap.

Trampolining - it can be a fun thing.  Have you tried it?