Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tori's First Meet

I promise -- I won't make you look at photos of EVERY meet. LOL This experience was a first for me. I've never been to a cross country meet before. Let me walk you through. They run on a 1 1/4 mile loop at this meet. Sometimes it's longer. So -- we all start here at the beginning... yes WE. They start the race... we stand here and cheer them on. She is supposed to be stretching before the race... she prefers to just stand there and look pretty -- she's a beginner... give her time. She'll catch on.

OK -- she's off. The runner in gold on the left. The one on her the right is her encourager. Ü Another home schooled girl.

Then -- after they take off... the parents run as fast as they can... lugging cameras and coolers, and stop watches and children with short legs to the part of the race across the field. Not quite 1/2 way, but probably close. It is VERY comical to see us all waddling around there. We see them coming -- so we start hollaring!! Some guys are veterans and start counting the runners... then when their girl gets there they say "14 -- you are in 14th -- go catch that group ahead." Ahh... I get it... I had no idea what number Tori was -- but I yelled anyway... and she glared at me. I hollared... "If you have enough energy to glare -- you aren't running fast enough." LOL

OK -- I didn't either yell that. But see her encourager there on the left? They like to run to gether in practice too. :giggle:

Now we, the parents, run back across the field to the finish line and jockey around for a space up close! I'm so excited about cheering her on that all I get is her back AGAIN, at the finish line.

Hooray Tori!! She did it. She had set a goal of finishing in less than 10 minutes... she met her goal. I'm so proud!!

She came in 44th out of 70 some. 7th and 8th grade girls ran together. Not too bad for her first ever cross country race.

A friend from church was there -- he has experience... he got out a business card and wrote down her time for us. YEAH!! He could tell I was chattering so much that I had no clue what her time was. Next time I'll know. Keep your mouth shut and watch!! Count. Encourage... hand her the gatorade. Ü

What fun.

I'm now a cross country mom. I wear many hats. LOL