Thursday, September 18, 2008



Now she is 5.

Here is Danielle with her card from her family.

Here is her birthday cake. Do you see a resemblance? Maybe if you squint a little. LOL I used the card as a... model. LOL It's SUPPOSED to look like a 5 year old drew it, I think.

Well -- anyway... at least it was flat and not tall. OK -- it wasn't really flat. But the icing on top was flat. In fact... the cake was a little concave. If you were lucky enough to get a piece out of the middle... it has an equal amount of cake and frosting. For some reason -- the cake took a nose dive in the middle. So I had to even it out a little with the frosting. You know... so it had the appearance of a perfect cake. Be sure your sins will find you out. Once some of the kids noticed the amount of frosting on their cake they went on and on about it... I had to confess... I said, "Notice the pieces that are on the edge... not quite as much frosting is there." Oops... So -- I'm learning. My piece of cake was realllly yummy. Extra yummy.

And the words on the bottom 2 rows... they look a little extra funny... Well -- someone threw away all my frosting bags. :sigh: They thought ALL bags were disposable... not just the disposable ones. So I got out some freezer quart size bags. All went fine... for a while. They SPLAT the black blew a gasket. 2 chunks of black frosting went all over the words I just wrote. So I quick grabbed one chunk of frosting off the cake... couldn't find a place to put it -- so I stuck it in my mouth and grabbed the next chunk off the cake. Up came the words with it... only 1/2 of the words. Not 1/2 of the words I'd written... partial pieces of the words came up. So I had to play connect the dots on some of them. Talk about stress. Even a FLAT cake gave me hives. Who suggested I start making my own cakes? Oh shut up -- it sounded like a good idea at the time!!

Dani got a doll for her birthday -- eventually. It took her daddy and 3 young men to get it out of the box. WHY do they do that?? Who grabs the dolls out of the box and runs out of the store and leaves the empty box? No one?? Why are they strapped in so tight? Crazy...

She loves her Gotz doll. Remember getting that mom? I've had it in my cedar chest this whole time. I asked Danielle if she liked her new dollies perfume. :snort:

The store Tuesday Morning had them on sale years ago. Not realizing I had a Tuesday Morning close to me... OK -- not close... but in Des Moines... I had my mother go to a Tuesday Morning in Louisiana and buy me a Gotz doll for Danielle. :snort: I'm a little directionally challenged. Hey mom... Did I ever pay for that?

She loves it! She carried it around all stinking day long!! Challice -- she was so excited that she got new clothes to go with her dollie. GREAT!! They were a hit.

Now -- I've got one more birthday to go this year... and then maybe I'll accidently throw away my non disposable EVERYTHING REALTED TO CAKE DECORATING in the house.

Oh now... I'm just kidding. (maybe not)