Monday, September 22, 2008


Did I tell you I got to attend ladies retreat? My church blessed Dan and I with retreats this year. Thank You church family!

You know what happens at retreats? You get to KNOW one another.

I brought along my game C.O.D.A. Some ladies learned that I'M COMPETITIVE. I never just LET someone win. So they soon were cheering on the other team to beat me!! Can you believe it? ha ha haaa... it was funny. F.U.N. and we laughed a LOT!

Connie and Sarah... very seriously trying to beat me at my own game. :giggle:

Connie and Penny

These first photos are all LATE at night. I started yawning at 9:30 p.m. Well -- probably 9:00 actually. I stayed up WAAAY past my bed time.
Me and my friend Debra. :hi Deb!:

More friends... Naomi and Carol

Oh... look at this. Care to take a guess what this is?

First you strap yourself into a harness...

Then you climb all these stairs. ALL of them.

Then you clip this teeny tiny little metal clip on this itsy bitsy wire here... and ZIP down to the end on that other hill. Only the insane will do the ZIP LINE a 2nd time. When my pastor's wife was done she asked, "Want to go down again?" LOL OK -- I did NOT just call my pastor's wife crazy... did I? I'm sorry Connie... well -- you know... you are crazy is a fun sort of way. :giggle:

Here is Carol -- she is the ham of the bunch. Hamming it up with some of her friends... putting on a skit.

This is who we listened to the whole week-end. She was hiding behind the mics... couldn't get a good photo that time. Didn't think of it the other times. Mrs. Tonya. Help me out here ladies -- what is her name?

Oh WHAT A BUNCH OF LOONS... well -- actually - you can pick out the loons of the bunch. Can't you. LOL

Here -- this photo is better... remember you can click on it to enlarge it. 11 of us went retreating! But we came back. Refreshed spiritually... (not physically). Some of us snore... shhh... that's not lady like, is it?

Sarah, Naomi, Debra, Carol, Connie, Beth, Beth (I'm not stuttering), ME, Toni, Anita and Penny

I'll tell you what... that Iowa Regular Baptist Camp Ground in Clear Lake is awesome! If you ever have a chance to go there... TAKE IT!