Friday, February 1, 2008

Sited -- A Random Act of Kindness at the Subway


I'm smiling -- you know why? Someone acted kindly to me tonight, and I just can't get over it.

Here -- let me start at the beginning.

I've recently taken a job at Subway. I'm an artist. A sandwich artist. Oh my heavens -- making subways is more difficult than I thought. Either that -- or I'm a slow learner... either way. I'm still a novice.

Tonight I made a sandwich for a friend. Hi Ruby!! We chatted -- I made -- she gave directions -- she smiled!! She mentioned she reads my blog. I gushed... I think.

As she left I told my manager -- "She reads my blog -- she just made my day."

Then the cashier said, "You got a tip."


RUBY!! You shouldn't have!!

I'll tell you what... that act of kindness -- it almost made me cry!!! Who tips Subway Sandwich Artist?? Nobody -- that's who. Except for my friend. Ruby -- you'll never know how much I appreciate -- not the money -- but the affirmation. (Well -- the money is going to buy me a Ghirardelli White Chocolate something or other latte uptown). I really appreciate and cherish the fact that you smiled at me, and chatted with me, and let me know, and the others around me know, that you were pleased with me.

Thank you, Thank you!

Now -- did I learn a lesson? Oh... why must there be a lesson??

I think I need to do some affirming around me tomorrow*. I need to start doing some random acts of kindness with the people I'm living with and the ones my life touches every day.

Thanks for the lesson Ruby.

And thanks again -- for the tip! (You didn't have to do that, you know)

*Actually -- that's today. I closed, so now it's 1:05 A.M. on Friday morning. Time for bed. So what I meant was, upon rising -- I'll do some affirming. LOL