Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hello from the Library

So -- this is week 2 without a computer at home.

Do you think my house is spotless? It's NOT! LOL!! Apparently I dont' spend at much time on the computer as I thought I did. Ü

Do you know when you type in the libarary - it sounds really LOUD! ::shhhh...::

My dear husband is on the hunt for a new computer. Ours is old actually -- then after you put a bunch of $$ into it to fix it -- it's still not as fast/good/pretty as the new ones, and they keep getting less and less expensive. Technology is great isn't it?

Which reminds me... ology is the study of... What is Tech? I'm having fun with our Greek Words. Yesterday my kiddos went on and on about our Greek words. That was FUN! I'm a geek -- who likes Greek.

We had a BLAST at our marriage retreat week-end deal. Oh my -- fun, fun, fun. I learned some things about friends from church. Randy is FUNNY!! I like his sense of humor. Linda is a lucky lady. Gary and Carol are great grand-parents. NOOOO they are not that old... but they left a rip-roaring Apples to Apples game just to catch a glimpes of a grand daughter on TV. Scott -- he doesn't like his photo taken. So of course... click, click, click. (tee hee) SOMEONE -- won Apples to Apples game... because they got upgraded to a hot tub room and they wanted to check it out! Don't blame them really...

You know what?? After checking 1055 unread e-mails (ok -- I skipped a few) My wrists are getting tired.

So -- I think I'll sign off now.

Plus the alchoholic who just sat down beside me stinks! °Ü°