Thursday, February 28, 2008

At the Library Week 4 or 45...

It seems like 45. I've lost track actually -- how long has it been?

Today I went to Des Moines to get a rain check on a computer -- so it could actually be 45 more days or weeks before I've got internet at home again. I wonder if I can get reimbursed for my non used internet "stuff".

Well -- Best Buy has the best buy apparently on a computer right now. Even beat out Costco and you know -- Costco usually wins... with their samples and all. I did go to Costco to check out what they had -- to make sure before we made sure -- get this -- I didn't even buy an ice cream bar. ::gasp:: I know... amazing... but it was snowing outside -- sometimes that puts a damper on my ice cream bar cravings. Especially when I have to eat it in the car. Brrr... too cold today.

Well -- let's see... I'll get you caught up... today I went to the Dentist. I've got some "watchers"... but no cavities. My dentist -- who will remain unamed -- but he's related to my friend Robin -- he has some fun toys in his office. I got to see up close and personal some really stained groovy teeth. These are the "watchers". Gross!! But how cool... it was fun to see. He has surround sound and all that jazz on his TV at home -- it think he likes coming to work so he can play with his toys. No really -- I was impressed. How far dentistry has come. My most vivid memory of dental work as a child was the green stretchy thing they drapped across my mouth so they wouldn't dropp metal shavings down my throat while filling my many cavities. 10 at one time, if I remember right. CRAZY... didn't I own a tooth brush? I'm sure I did... we even had regular dental exams. How do I know? They had a TV... I got to watch TV every 6 months and I looked forward to it greatly.

Speaking of TV. I've imposed the NO TV UNLESS DAD IS WATCHING TV rule again. Of course that only applies to anyone shorter than me. Too much eye rolling and mouthing off for me. That stinking TV is CRAZY!!

Speaking of CRAZY!! I got a Physical Well Being Check Up sort of thing done at Dan's work yesterday. That "Wood Window and Door" place that he works at does this once a year for free. Dan did it last year and it was amazing the information we learned about it. I wanted one done!! I love information. Ü So -- I let them weigh me. The cute little 25 year old skinny kid allowed me 2 pounds for my clothes. He must have thought I was wearing wet wool pants or something. But that was nice!! THANKS! LOL Anyway... I am super flexible for the average woman. That's always good to know. BUT -- what really imporessed me was this information.

If you are skinny -- you can stop reading now --

If you are fat -- keep reading.

I got a BMI done with Electricity -- Up Town... sort of reminds me of the dentist.

Anyway... No measureing tapes and calculators there.

So -- they told me some good stuff. I'm fat. I already knew that.. BUT -- in order to be healthy...

Well -- let's start with the old way. In order to be NOT OBESE -- I'd have to lose 45 pounds. Nice. Yeah... I've tried losing 45 pounds for 2.5 years. Not happening.

This summer I did get down to 170's. Low 70's. I was fit. I could run a mile. I could lift heavy weights. I could walk up a steep hill and not go into cardio arrest.

BUT I was still obese and very discouraged... thinking I had 30 more pounds to lose.

Well -- yesterday... bless his heart... this skinny 25 year old KID told me -- HANG ON TO YOUR HATS -- My weight should be with in 147 - 167 pounds. Woo Hoo -- let's all do a bless the skinny 25 year old DANCE!! Ask my friend Beth -- I'm saying that in a very excited voice!!! Only I'm at the library -- so I'll just use a lot of !!! Woo Hoo... I can NOT believe it. Praise God for people who inveted this "more accurate way" of finding ones BMI. Yessss!

So -- now my new goal.... Get back down into the low 170's and then just a bit further. Ü

I should be able to do it -- I'm starting Couch to 5K with a few of my friends. (EHem.. Beth, Robin, Tricia, Lori, and Beth! Chris? You coming??) I'm going to "teach" a Couch to 5K class. Won't that be hysterical? Wait... no it won't!!! I'm going to do it -- Lord willing!!! Then I'll be on my way to a 22% BMI!! Another Yesssss! would go nicely here.

Let's see... what else?

We are all healthy and well. Praise the Lord for THAT!!

Dan is still working -- although still not 40 hours. Why don't you all go buy a few windows... or doors... help keep America working (well -- at least my dear husband working!) Ü

I'm not at Subway anymore... funny thing... I can get up and exercise at 6:00 now. I didn't have the energy to do that when closing at Subway. Maybe that will help my BMI a little bit. Less cookies. More sleep. More exercise. Hmmm... we'll see.

I'm looking forward too seeing my folks again in March. ::waving wildly:: Hi Mom!!! Send $$. OK -- just kidding... She did send me a letter since my computer has been down. What a pal. I sure appreciate THAT!! Loved it actually... I love mail!

I got to talk to Angela on the phone. She's a reader here -- Hi!! Got your basement done yet? LOL (OK -- that was only 2 days ago).

Hmmm... not too much new news since the last time I blogged. Things happen all the time and I think, "I should blog... doh" no computer. So -- I'm thinking about you readers... do you think of me?

I hope so -- when you do -- you can pray for me. Because I CAN ALWAYS USE THE PRAYER!!

Have a great day -- May God Bless You!!