Monday, February 4, 2008

Cat on a Hot... Tin Roof??

Well -- not exactly a tin roof.

This cat will do anything to get inside. We recently acquired him from a neighbor. Very friendly little kitty. He doesn't seem as wild as some of the others we've had. He will purr. He is soft. If you pick him up, he will slink his way around your neck. EVERY time. He's got a neck fetish, apparently.

He also LOVES to be inside our house.

So much so that when I leaned out our back door - which has no deck beneath it yet -- to take photos of the kiddos playing in the snow -- he jumped up unto the hot furnace pipe to try to jump up into the house. It would have been a long leap, but he was gonna try.

Oh hot... eee... he didn't stay up there long.
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