Sunday, October 14, 2007

October is Clergy Appreciation Month

I first heard about Clergy Appreciation Month from Focus on the Family, I'm sure.

They now have a web-site dedicated to just Clergy. The has a lot of information about Clergy Appreciation.

As some of you may remember... we recently found a new church to attend. Closer and all... WELL -- last night we got the privilege of having our Pastor and his wife over for dinner. I served Tacos!! Hooray - nothing was burned in the process. Ü

I really had a great time getting to know Connie better. She is a great dish washer too, I might add. What a gracious lady she is. She has done a fantastic job raising 2 boys. One in college, one in high school still. They both seem to be godly young men. Praise God. I can't wait to use her as a resource -- help Connie... what did you do when... ;)

Dan and Curt talked, and talked, and talked... Horray! The night was a success...

I'm looking forward to next October already. I may have to have them over again - before Clergy Appreciation next year... but -- I'll definitely do it again.