Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Extraordinary Women

I'm heading south with some special friends of mine; Karen, Amber, and Kim, to an Extraordinary Women Conference. It's been sold out!

I tell you what friends... I am so excited. Here is what we will do Friday night.
Praise & Worship with Charles Billingsley. Is that going to be good? What have you heard about him? I see from his photo he is tan. Maybe he is from the south. LOL

Speaker Chonda Pierce. Is she a speaker? I think she is a laughing machine!! She is hilarious... (to use one of her words!) I can not wait for this. I need some refueling! My laugh-o-meter better be hitting a 10!!

Then a Concert by Twila Paris. I know I've heard of her... not sure if I know any of her new songs. But who cares... I'll just sit there and soak it all in.

Then I'll head back to a hotel with my girlfriends... on my word... I bet we'll be laughing into the wee hours of the morn.

But Saturday -- that ought to be good... ever hear of Elizabeth George... ::gasp:: YES... the Elizabeth George... She'll be there... along with Karen Kingsbury and Jennifer Rothschild. I don't know much about them, but Ms. Rothschild ought to be good -- with a name like Jennifer. ;) I bet she is in her 30's... our parents were not so creative back then -- were they. I know a LOT of Jennifers.

Who cares?? I'm going to a conference with my friends!! I can't wait. I hope to come home refreshed and enthused. (Full of blogging material!) HA!

Here are their Top Ten Reasons to Attend The Conferences…

1. Strengthen your relationship with the Lord and draw closer to His heart.
2. Hear practical and spiritual messages from key Christian leaders that will feed your heart, soul and mind.
3. Learn the truth about who God is, how He wants you to live, how He made you and how great His love is for you.
4. Gather for a wonderful time to glorify our Lord, Jesus Christ, in unison with other women!
5. Enjoy an inspirational, fun and life-changing experience!
6. Allow yourself to experience a special time just for you.
7. Hear God speak to you in difficult areas that you are facing today.
8. Learn how you can be a vessel for God to spread His word and glorify His name.
9. Be part of an awesome mother-daughter, sister and group event.
10. Give yourself an opportunity to be poured into and know you are somebody to Christ and others.

I tell you what -- I'm looking forward to some of these. °Ü°