Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Milo!

Milo turns 6 today.

He is a low maintenance sort of fella... he wanted frozen cardboard pizza for supper.

OK!! I'm all over that.

Oh -- and orange jell-o. Got it done!! He LOVED it. I put it in a fancy mold... two actually -- he was THRILLED to watch me de-mold them. Or plate them, I guess you could say. Thrilled!!

We are going to eat cake with Dad tonight after church.

We are also taking cup-cakes to church tonight, but NOT for Milo's birthday. For some reason he did NOT want to have a birthday party at church for his birthday. Well -- it wasn't going to be a party... just a "let's share some of this cake batter so mom doesn't eat it all" treat. So -- we are taking treats to church tonight... but NOT for Milo's birthday. ::giggle::

Happy Birthday Milo! We love you buddy!!