Thursday, September 6, 2007

What Would You Do With These?

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If you owned these -- what would you do with them? I'm speaking of the empty egg cartons that are gracing the top of my lovely fridge.. not the cool words that are stuck to the side.

I'm thinking there have got to be some crafty people who read my blog... aren't there??

I started saving them a while back... apparently we eat a lot of eggs... mostly 12 at a time, but as you can see -- I bought 18 at once. I'm not really sure why I started saving them. I bet I read in a magazine -- save your egg cartons, and you can make THESE!!! And like an aspiring super mom that I am... I did. But what in the wide world is it?

I don't know.

Do you?


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p.s. If you click on the photo -- it will enlarge -- then you can read the words we have on the fridge. Who can think of the most creative way to arrange them? Do you want to have a contest?

Let's do -- it'll be fun! I'll give away a $10 TARGET GC to the one who makes me laugh the most, using the words you can see in the photo. Dead line will be when there are no more new comments... or sooner... my choice. I'm the judge... becuase it will be my sides that will be splitting.

Leave a comments -- and tell your friends too as well. ;)

Shameless fishing for commentors going on here. Can you smell it??