Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My Father's World (MFW) Week 1 Day 1

Hooray!!! We did it. We finally started school.

What a neat thing this My Father's World is. I really love it.

Tori is starting 6th Grade. Mansel is starting 2nd grade. Milo is starting Kindergarten.

My favorite part about today? Tori was motivated and she got her Saxon 7/6 done in less than an hour. If she doesn't? Then she will be required to work on it after lunch, before any free time. Today -- she hustled!! Mansel worked on his Math on his own, and really did well reigning in the day dreaming. Milo -- oh... he was so excited... we did lesson 1 of 100 EZ Lessons. Oh, I'd forgotten this feeling - of fresh minds. Like cracking open a new book. MILO!!! He's going to be a reader soon... NEATO!! We practiced writing the mmmm sound. Oh -- he's going to be fun. I even corrected him a bit... and he DIDN'T EVEN POUT!! Wow!! Danielle did a great job of watching PBS today and turning it off when I said to. Wayne.. he is going to need some work. LOL Any suggestions on what to do with a 2yo? Ü

I praise God for today. What a great day. We finished up before noon... and we didn't even skip every other subject. LOL!! What a great feeling.

Let the FUN begin!!