Monday, September 17, 2007

Ummm... let's think this through!

My Father's World -- Creation to the Greeks, Week 3 Day 1!

Hooray -- we are on task. We are not a single day behind yet. Praise the Lord!

Today -- a science experiment is scheduled. Like the good mother/teacher that I am... I hand the book to my 6th grader "Scientist in Charge" and tell her 2nd grader "Assistant" to go to it. The fact that the experiment is called "Archimedes' Death Ray" doesn't phase me a bit.

They get right down to it! It thrills my soul to see them huddled over the book -- she reading, he listening very attentively!! Ahhh... home school at it's finest.

They run outside -- yelling as they go, "Archimedes used the sun with his death ray." I scratch my head... did they just say, "death ray?" Hmmm...

Oh come on -- this is CHRISTIAN -- they wouldn't kill anyone.

Milo -- the excitable one comes in yelling, "MOM!!! Come look." Well -- since the last words out of their mouth was death ray -- and since Milo is hollering... I decided... after I finish my bon bon... I'll take a peek.

Yeah Right!!

I went outside.

It worked -- the experiment worked. They were burning a hole in my wooden wheelbarrow using just the sun's rays and a mirror. How neat.

HEY!! That's my wheelbarrow!! Cut it out!

Is teaching kids to start fire with only a mirror and the sun a good idea?

Let's see...


Flash back to 2 Sunday's ago............


We are visiting a church for the 2nd time. We are pretty sure we've decided to go here full time. Really neat church -- I blogged about it yesterday... I was waiting out by the van when a very serious man -- with a very serious look about him -- very seriously handed me a lighter and told me he thinks my son was playing with it out back.

Ohh... OK... which son -- I've got 3?? :/

Turns out Mansel was bragging about being able to burn the garbage on his own -- a really big deal to city kids -- who never burn anything with out breaking some city code... so the kids asked him to bring his lighter to church.

Dumb, dumb, dumb parents --

Well -- actually -- it's laziness. Ü I'd rather train my kiddos to burn the garbage when it's -10° below zero, then ME burn it!! Of course it's not dumb... it's good training... and it build character.


So -- we discuss with Mansel the rights and wrongs of burning your Sunday School paper behind the church. We have him apologize. He's sorry. He gets tomato staked to my side for the rest of the day.


Zip -- fast forward back to today...


Then -- today -- I send him outside with the sun shine and a mirror.

Can we say dumb, dumb, dumb parent.

Oh Hey MANSEL -- let's review!!! Let's review!!! Come back here... let's review!!!