Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Our Additions

We are soo very excited to announce our new arrivals at our house. Let me tell you -- the kiddos were jumping for joy on Friday, May 10th, 2007! The day the kitties arrived!! Woo Hoo!!

The 7yo found them and he came running into the house yelling, "She had kittens, she had kittens, she had kittens!" (So glad she had kittens and not puppies!) ;)

Boy -- there was a mad rush outside that afternoon. We all were trying to squeeze into our little cat shed, which normally I never set foot in, because it's dirty and gross in there.

I'll tell you what -- I've been in there almost every day since then. Well - you know... I have to check up on them of course. LOL. We wouldn't want anything to happen to the kitties on our watch. Oh man alive. They are so small. The looked like little chipmunks the first day. By the time we found them, they were all clean and dry. We had happened to be gone from the house that morning -- so I don't know how old they were when we saw them... but they weren't there the day before. We saw her fat on Thursday -- so Thursday night or Friday morning sometime, was the blessed event.

Of course everyone wants to pick them up and hold them. But daddy cat is watching all this curious activity very closely. LOL We are trying to refrain from touching them until they have their eyes open. Talk about resisting temptation. They are so small and fluffy looking!! Wow - neato!! No wonder kittens are so loved. Their mews are sooo small and teeny!!

Well -- that's it -- our news. 4 kittens. We have 4 talking children -- so each one will get to name a kitty. This disappoints the 11yo -- she doesn't want any dumb names. But you know -- sometimes the dumb names are the ones that stick anyway. We named 'baby' something descriptive like "Smoky" or something... but "Baby" just stuck after we nursed her back to health a time or two. Funny how things like that happen.

So -- who wants a kitten? 8 more weeks and they will be looking for new homes! Ü