Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Ever get the urge to leave all civilization behind? Now you can. Ü We are selling our camper. You'll have to e-mail me for the particulars... for my dear husband (dh) is the sales man around here.

We are selling our camper. Do you want to know more? The papers say it will sleep 9. Now -- if you are like us -- then you can sleep as many as you want in there... it depends upon if you want to be comfortable or not. We have slept as many as 7 in there. We even fit our pack-n-play in there. THAT'S handy!! Very comfortable. On the front here is where you can "add a room". There is a story behing the "add a room". Poor salesman.

While we were looking at the camper -- I pulled open a drawer... inside was a black case full of something. "What's this?" He said off hand -- oh... that's the "add a room". Oh NEAT!!! Dh went on and looked at the other stuff... we noticed there was a place to attach an outdoor stove. Oh -- I think I saw a light bulb above that sales man's head. HEY -- where is he going? He went back to that drawer with the "add a room". Ta Dah... the outdoor stove... it wasn't the "add a room". Oh -- inside I felt really, really bad... outside I just stood there by my dh and watched. The sales man said, "Well -- since I said it had an "add a room"... we'll throw it in for free. Wee Hee!! How nice!! It's very convenient. We would usually throw down a bit piece of indoor/outdoor carpet and then put up the "add a room" and there you go -- you can now sleep 10 more people.. if you want. OR -- you can cook greasy bacon outside and not have to smell bacon for the next 15 days. (Or however long you are camping.) NICE!! I especially loved it with crawlers. They can only crawl so far if they are zipped in. And the mosquitoes can only fly so far if they are zipped out!!

This slide out is nice. It hold the everything including the kitchen sink. ;) LOL No really -- it does. It holds the inside stove and the kitchen sink. Very nice!! Then you can pretend you are right at home and stand there and look out the big window while you are doing dishes. Very handy. Of course that's where I did dishes -- because that's where the HOT water comes on -- nice having a water heater. Almost like home... only since we aren't showering in the sink -- it doesn't run out of hot water like at home.

BUT -- there is an outdoor shower -- if you want to shower out doors. See that box below the slide out -- that's the shower. That VERY handy if you have littles. They don't care who sees their neekid bums anyway. Well -- you can use it to rinse off sandy toes too. Or rinse of fish smelly hands. Or to flush chemicals out of ones eyes... if you need to. Very handy!

As I already mentioned -- there is a stove. Even I can light it! But if folds up nice and can be used as counter space too -- handy place to put your curling iron. If you are into curling your hair while you are camping.

See the KING SIZE bed? This is dangerous if you don't have a KING SIZE bed at home -- it makes one want to camp for a very very long time. Because when you return home to your NON KING SIZE bed -- you wonder why you don't have one of those in your house! Sigh... Now since we have a KING SIZE bed in our house -- we've decided we can finally sell the camper. No one needs to sleep in the dog house -- or the camper any more... there's room enough for all of us in a KING SIZE bed. Ü

Then after you are done camping -- it all folds up and fits nicely in your back pocket. OK maybe your garage. Or your pole barn. Where ever.

Oh -- did I point out the AC? That's a must when you are camping in the HOT IOWA SUMMER SUN... which is the most fun time to camp right? But if you are backwards... there is also a furnace... which works! LOL How do I know? Because we are a bit backwards here. Every once in a while...