Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Our family is going to copy the Jeub's and have a Birthday Bash of our own.

We are going to celebrate all our children's 2007 birthdays on June 2nd. We've invited a few guests... mostly family... but some others -- this will replace our kiddos "friends" parties that they get to have every so often. Previously our rule was you get to have a friends party at age 6, 10 and 16. If this year is successfull -- we will have a BIRTHDAY BASH with friends and family every year.

I've got the plates/napkins/candles. I need to get the balloons. I need to order a cake. Since we couldn't decide on a theme..... I think they are each going to get an individual cake -- we'll cut them up and eat them... then dig into a larger BIRTHDAY BASH cake.

I got a pinata at a PARTY STORE. That's a fun place to go into normally -- unless it's graduation weekend. I put my items down on the country that I was going to purchase then asked a clerk for help with a pinata. So we went back with a long pole and found the one I wanted and came back to the counter -- which was now back clear up to the wall. She said to me, "Grab your stuff and I'll help you over here by the door." Other customers who didn't see me in line first thought they were ahead of me and they stepped out of line and followed me. The clerk said, "She can help you at that register", and pointed back to where they were standing. On lady got a little LOUD. What register WHERE?? The clerk replied, "Back where you were." Oh mercy me. She wasn't in the mood to party. I just kept grinning.

We want the entire family to come celebrate -- so we'll plan multi-age games. Got any good ideas? I think the scavenger hunt/treasure hunt idea was good, that we got to see on the Jeub's TLC special.

The pinata should be fun.

Pony rides? Hmmm... we'd have to find a pony -- anyone got one we could borrow. LOL

We'll -- I'll have to take some photos so you can see how it turned out. My poor dh is stressing out already because I think we should set up the cake and ice cream in the garage. He will probably want the garage to be spotless. LOL!! I'm so glad I got the layed back genes from my dad and mom.

Well -- I'd better go -- I've got one more invitation to send out. And some cakes to order. Woo Hoo!! The ball is rolling.