Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We are a Bunch of Goats

We took a trip to the dentist yesterday.  Milo needed to get 4 teeth removed, maually, and Wayne needed to get 1 cavity filled. 

In the past when the kids have gotten teeth pulled -- some of them have fainted in the doctor's office, others have made it to the car before feeling light headed... so I warned the nurse... watch him, he may faint.

Milo did just fine. See his holes? 

Wayne on the the other hand... didn't fare so well.  Wayne had 1 tooth filled... he made it to the waiting area -- happy go lucky -- looky at my motorcycle toy I got.... made it to the car... told us all about it... made it into COSTCO after jumping through puddles and being scolded by his mommy... made it to the picnic table, waited for his lunch.  I ordered several things, so was making several trips.  I'd given him his yogurt and was picking up the hotdogs... on the way back to the table... I saw him with his head down on the table... I said, "Oh buddy -- do you have an ice cream headache?"  No response... huh?  I felt his head... clammy... looked at his hands -- white as a sheet.  What?  A fainter with delayed reaction?  Apparently so. 

I say our family is a bunch of goats.  When Danielle got 5 teeth filled in one visit -- nary a thought of passing out -- ever, there or at home.  Milo -- four teeth pulled a bloody mess... nothing.  Me?  When I see myself bleeding -- watch out... I may hit the floor.  I've got bragging rights... I've never officially fainted, but I get pretty woozy.  LOL  I know enough to sit down -- even if the onlookers are mocking me.  Dan... he's a fainter, Tori... she's a fainter... Mansel... he's been close -- pretty white and clammy.  Wayne -- one tooth filled, laughing and chatting and eating... then BAM... well -- not really BAM literally... I gently laid him down and put his feet up. So he never went completely down - like others have, but he definitely inherited the fainting gene from his parents.  Weird, huh? 

Dan thought he might faint just after seeing Wayne feeling like fainting.  Funny huh... guess he chose the right line of work -- no blood or guts or fainting when working on machines.  LOL

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