Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Check Out Sew Darlin' -- It's a Contest!!

I have a friend -- OK so she's an on-line friend, but I bet we'd be friends in real life.  She has met Ree.  Ü  I've never met Ree, but but I wish I had.  Anyway... Stacy is my friend.  Ü  She has redesigned her sewing blog.  It's CUTE!!  She's have a contest to get the word out about her blog.  (I should do that about my Scentsy stuff... shouldn't I).  Hmmm... anyway... 

Here goes. Go check out Sew Darlin'  -- you may find something you like, and you might as well enter her contest while you are there.

Did I forget to mention?  She's doing a give-away... and it's a doozy.  

"On the evening of February 22nd I will give away a $20 gift certificate."

That's huge isn't it?  Literally...

Oh -- I would love to win that -- wouldn't you?  You don't know?  Well -- you'd better get over there and check it out.  She has cute taste, and talent too.  (I've got cute taste and no talent... that doesn't work as well).