Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blog Trail Tuesday

My friend Melissa at Our Life as a Military Family is hosting a blog trail tuesday -- want to play along?

Have you ever clicked on a blog, only to be led to another blog, and then another, and another? Here’s your time to share some of those blogs with us! Share one or share many. Share one you’ve loved for a time or share one that’s new to you. Tell us why you like it. Help us spread the blog love!!

So this week I want to share a blog called Picket Fence Farm and Produce. This is a blog by our local CSA farmer.  (CSA being Community Supported Agriculture).  We are going to work on her farm this summer to pay for our CSA membership. I hope to learn a lot!  Before then, I've enjoyed reading about her farm on her blog.  I see she is getting into HONEY!  Yeah... I love honey.  Ü

Now it’s your turn! Use the banner above, if you’d like. Do a post on your blog about another blog. Be sure to link back to Blog Trail Tuesday blog! Then come back to Melissa's blog, and add your link to the McLinky. Be sure to add the link to the specific post – not your home page. Then be sure to check out everyone else’s links.  (If you can do all those things, you are a better person than I -- I messed it up last time... so here goes nothing).  LOL


  1. You did it right!!! Thank you. I'm so glad you're playing along. :) Going to check out your blog link now. :)

    Hey! I know! Next time I'll put the directions in numbered order. That's easier, eh?

  2. Giggle. I keep forgetting to post instructions on my blog. I'll go back and add them.

    I liked her blog. I added it to my reader. Fun!


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