Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Clean Room

You know... first impressions can sometimes be deceiving.  Look at this -- the boys cleaned their room.  
Those boys -- they know how to please their mommy. I love a clean room... this is Wayne's bed... doesn't he do a good job for a 4yo making his bed?  Ahhh...
How nice -- wait.... hmmm...what's that sticking out there... see it?  Under the bed at the end there?    That black thing?  What is that?

Here... bend down -- get a closer look.  Yeah, that's what I thought -- some one is a good shover... not a good cleaner.  :sigh:  Those boys...

A really good shover -- they packed that stuff in there tight.  Good grief -- they must have used their feet to get that in there so far.

Poor mister bear.

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