Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kitties for FREE!!

Did you know you can't give away kitties on Craig's List for free? You can re-home them for a fee. What ever that means. So I put them on Craig's List -- for $.50. LOL Some fee.

First come first serve... don't every body rush at me at once! Hurry, hurry, hurry! You'll miss your chance if you wait any longer!

Any one want one? They are CUTE!!

Actually -- I think you need both... they need a brother to play with at your house.

Here is the photo -- they are the 2 light colored ones. They need a home.
Their MOM is a great mouser! That trait may be genetic... but don't hold me to it. I see them pouncing on things already -- I think they will be mousers... but who knows?

They are MALES... but the tamest outdoor males I've ever seen. My 5 kiddos hold them, and play with them, and put them in slings, and carry them around in their bags, and they've even been held upside down by guests. (I don't let my kids hold animals upside down). :giggle:

Oh -- another thought... if you took both of these... I just about can guarantee you wouldn't have more baby kitties for a long, long time. ;-)

So -- if you want them give my dear husband a call... he really, really wants to talk to you.