Thursday, December 1, 2011

Iowa Hawkeyes Warmer HAS ARRIVED!!!

From Drop Box

If you have ANY ties to the Iowa Hawkeyes - this is a wonderful find!  °Ü°  (Great gift for men b.t.w.  - a LOT of men love things that smell nice!)

Scan the QR Code to be taken directly to the Scentsy Web-site to order - or call/text me to ordering locally.  641.820.1168

Full-Size Scentsy Warmer - $35 + tax.  If you order on the web-site you will pay $5 shipping.

We ♥ Scentsy around here!!

Scentsy says order on-line by the 19th to receive this before Christmas.  Won't your Iowa Hawkeye fan LUV you Christmas day??!!  °Ü°

UPDATE:  The Iowa Warmers sold out the very fist day.  Selling 11,000 in 2 days before they had to shut the ordering down.  Now it's back up - on back order - but they will begin shipping in January!  So order away!!  Enjoy!  GO HAWKS!!