Monday, January 19, 2009

Who Ya Cheerin For?

Me? I'm going to cheer for the Cardinals. Kurt Warner is the quarterback now. He has Iowa ties. That is who I'm cheering for.

My dear husband... on the other hand... he is cheering for the STEELERS. I think that is a shame. A house divided can NOT stand. LOL Oh... I'm just kidding!! I actually choose to cheer the opposite of him sometimes, just because it makes it more exciting.

My son Mansel gave me some advice once. "Mom -- you should choose to cheer for the same team as Dad, his teams usually wins." Sage advice young one. You catch on early. Dan is an avid football fan. Informed. Not one who likes to lose, even as a fan.

So -- this may not be a good sign... he has choose to cheer for the Steelers, but I'm sticking to my guns. A Cardinal I will be!!

It's a little embarrassing to have to cheer for a team that is a Bird. At least they are a yellow bird... that reminds me a big too much of big bird... but I'm thinking of how I will cheer. GO BIRDS!! GO CARDINALS!!! Poo on their heads!! or something....

Steelers are big and bad and BLACK and DIRTY and smelly... steel, strong, not easily bent. What are cardinals? Um... a little flighty bird, small, and easily frightened.

Mansel has already decided to be on his dad's side. He mentioned to me this morning that they STEELERS are going to put the CARDINALS in a STEEL CAGE!! Um... Oh yeah?? "Well -- the CARDINALS ARE GOING TO PECK YER EYES OUT."

Yeah... I'll keep working on that. Mean while -- I'll just say, "GO RED!"