Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I've Got another Fan!

Danielle has decided to be on my side.

Mansel is sticking with his dad... his dad usually picks the winning team, he says.

Milo is cheering for the Steelers. Because it is a cool name. (I KNEW it... Cardinals is a horrible name.)

Tori is going for the Steelers... black and gold. She's got plenty of clothes to choose from, being a Knoxville Panther... she won't have to buy any new clothes that way.

Wayne is going to cheer for the "teel-wers." Ok -- so that doesn't count since he can pronounce it! (I'm NOT going down with out a fight!)

But Danielle... she is so tenderhearted... she has choosen to be a Cardinal with her momma. Why? "Because if I wasn't you would be the only one on your team." Ahh... I owe her big time, don't I?


Well -- this will be fun!!

Who are you going to cheer for?