Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Day the Cast Came Off

Danielle went to the clinic the other day to see if they could remove her cast. She had her crutches for 6 weeks. 4 weeks in a cast. She learned how to properly; quickly and efficiently, use her crutches 4 days before the cast was to be removed. She's so silly.

They took an x-ray of her leg before removing the cast to make sure the bone had healed properly. The doc said he could see a "good callus". Hmmm... that's a new term for me. It's all better! That much I know.

The dr. cut the cast with the saw. I wanted to take a photo of that, but since my dear daughter was terrified, I decided to comfort her instead of snapping photos. She took a breather from the sobbing while he was cutting the padding underneath the cast, with scissors... so I propped her up and took a photo of that. Who knew that would be so traumatic. Certainly not me. Live and learn.

When we got home we were very intrigued with that leg. Look how little it is. Amazing. Gross and scaly too. We've lotioned that leg up a ton of times.

She still isn't using it either. I guess it's a good thing she learned how to properly use her crutches. I'm being a meany and making her bend her knee and put some weight on that leg. Doing a little home made physical therapy. It's not broken anymore... so we can't call it the bad leg. It's just the un-used leg.

So -- another adventure over at our house. Whew!

I wonder how long it takes her to climb back on that trampoline?
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