Sunday, December 21, 2008

Some Body LOVES the Kitty!

We still have a few kitties left from the last batch that was born.
Cousin Sophia LOVES the kitties!
The kitties love to come inside. They aren't ALLOWED to come inside... but if you are as cute as Sophia... then -- well... OK... just for a while.

"Just for a while?" This kitty was SO patient!

Be NICE to the kitty -- LOL
Grandpa let the cat out of the bag while he was here. Want to hear about it?
Sure you do -- everyone needs a good laugh once in a while.

I took Danielle to the dentist the same day that my parents and sister were to come to town. What was I thinking? So -- I got ahold of them and said, "I'm out of town... can you let yourself into our house?"
SURE -- they said... so they did.
Well -- when they did... the cat's snuck in. They are SO FAST!!

I called to see how they were doing and if they knew how to get where we were going to meet up. Dad said, "Hello." I said, "Hello, this is Jennifer--"

Dad hurridely interrupted me, "HOW DO YOU KEEP THESE CRAZY CATS OUT OF YOUR HOUSE?"

Oh yeah... I forgot about the cats.

Well -- I learned later that he'd was running around after the kitties -- trying to get them out of the house... one didn't particularly like the method he was using and decided to use his hand as a clawing post. OUCH.
So -- the next kitty he wised up... he grabbed a Wal-Mart sack and stuck the kitty it in and opened the front door and...

you guessed it...


It seemed to make out OK.
Don't you think?

Oh hey -- I think that post it note says "K" for kitchen. They were EVERYWHERE.
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