Friday, December 19, 2008

ABC Game - Family Style

Ever play the ABC game in the car?
Well -- we played it at home... using post it notes.
This first one is "P" for Pat.

Someone gave me several pads of post it notes so I put them to good use when the cousins were here.

Here is Julia - displaying her ABC's... J for Julia
I for... hmmm... I don't remember. I think her mom said irresponsible.
U for Underwear - so glad to know that!

Her dad got into the spirit too... or maybe he was just playing along because he knew the turkey was coming up soon. Who knows... He was doing his part - helping entertain while we were cooking! Great guy.
He had an "X" on his shirt... that was most helpful.

Video, Hat and a Quarter!

What fun we had. I found post it notes in the funniest places the next few days. I think there is still an "O" on a jar of olives in my fridge. If you know me and olives... it may stay there a while. LOL
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