Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Shooting Club

Knoxville Community School District has a shooting club. Middle school and high school age. Milo and Mansel have asked to be in this club. SURE!!

Since they are both interested in hunting why not get trained by experts. They are both interested in hunting or shooting... They bought their own guns with their own money.

One catch here - they registered their guns in their dad's name.

He won't give them their guns. They offended him last week. I wasn't there, I don't know the full story.  I asked for him to bring the guns to town.  He won't. He insisted on an apology. Both boys thought they didn't need to apologize.

Last night... After the initial safety meeting, before the first practice... He insists on talking to the boys - he takes them to McDonalds... They come home and say, "he won't give us our guns."

They were not sincere enough in their apology.

This is starting to sound like a case of narcissism. How unfortunate.

One would think, since the boys paid for the guns themselves, we could go get them... No - they are registered in his name and he had threatened to call the police if they do that.

Mansel asked for him to pay for the guns... He won't.

So even though we don't live with the Narc fulltime, he still controls us. Still manipulates.

What ever the boys did to offend him better have been worth it, because they sure are suffering the consequences. Bummer...

And what ever point he is trying to prove... :(