Monday, March 16, 2015

I color My Hair


I do...  :)

I use eSalon

I LOVE to go to a salon for a cut and color - that is my favorite thing to do.  With eSalon, I can get a good color, for waaaaay less money.  I think it works nicely.  I have tried to go the less... well really CHEAP way by getting color at the WalMarts, and I think this color from eSalon is much nicer.  I don't end up with fried hair and needing a hair cut every other month.

So - to be honest.. .if you click on the link I posted above - I get a credit for a referral.  But I think you also get a cheaper price the first month as well.  It's a great way to try it before you buy it.  I'm actually set up on a auto ship deal - and they will send me a box of hair color every 6 weeks.  I like that deal.

I'm due for a coloring - my box has been setting on my counter for about 10 days.  SO - I went to my "auto ship plan" and had them skip the next shipment.  It's flexible... not set in stop or you get fined sort of deal.

Very user friendly.

Hope you have happy hair!  I hope you liked eSalon, friend who has tried it once already.  :)  I'll never share your name - because maybe no one knows you color your hair.  It will be our secret.